Workshop Schedule Is Here! - Winter Skin Care Tips

by Annegret

Hello from all of us at Kettle Care Organics!

It's the season of love once again. Come indulge yourself with some delicious body care that will heighten your senses. We are offering a fantastic workshop this February in which you will learn how to make an absolutely appetizing face mask, as well as a delightfully sensual body lotion. These are edible and great for your skin, and body. We invite you to spend a winter evening that will nourish your skin, senses and soul in a delightful way.

Thursday, February 9th at 5:45pm

Please RSVP by calling 406-257-6622 or e-mail Workshop price is $10 and refreshments will be served.


Nourished winter skin?

Yes, this is possible!

Your skin can glow this winter, defying dry humidity, cold temperatures and icy winds. And the secret is simple - use nourishing body care products and be kind to yourself.

Did you know that regular body lotions carry 90% water in their formulas and facial crèmes 70%? You can see that regularly applying body lotions that have such high ratios of water can actually dry out your skin.

At Kettle Care Organics we use about ½ of that water in our formulations, which makes them concentrated, highly hydrating and effective. They are a gem, when it comes to nourishing and effective body care that is healthy as well. Psst, we are one of the best kept secrets in Montana, also called the 'Last Best Place'.

Here are three effective tips from us:

Tip 1: Treat your skin with a deeply nourishing body lotion like our Antioxidant Body Lotion with uplifting Lemongrass, the calming Balancing Lavender Lotion or the unscented Antioxidant Lotion. With our unscented option, you can easily add your own essential oils. Kettle Care Organics body lotions are best applied after you take a shower or bath to seal in the moisture.

Tip 2: Hydrate your skin internally by drinking water - lots of it during the winter. You can add a piece of lemon for flavor as well to aide in detoxification. The result will be plum skin that looks healthy and hydrated.

Tip 3: If you want to increase the effectiveness of the nourishing body care, exfoliate your skin twice a week either with a yummy sugar scrub or a dry brush. This will remove the dead, dull skin cells and allows your skin to absorb the amazingly nourishing skin care ingredients much more effectively.

It is the Season of Love and we encourage you to love everything about yourself and your beautiful, healthy winter skin.


Annegret and the Kettle Care Organics Team