Happy Thanksgiving 2017

by Annegret Pfeifer

Happy Thanksgiving!

Winter is on our doorstep and the holidays are on the way. Our family and staff enjoyed planning for Thanksgiving the last weeks. There is the day off, the time to spend with family & friends and the good meal enjoyed with good company. It is an experience to be thankful for.

If you consider that Thanksgiving is celebrated all throughout the United States, this is truly an amazing concept. Yes, the origin of it is murky and probably not as peaceful as it has been taught to our kids in school. It has been commercialized over the decades. Also, the family gatherings sometimes bring up the stresses... Yet, consider the notion of one day in the year, where we all stop for a moment and express in words, gestures, or even silently, what we are thankful for. Maybe you can already feel it in the people around you during this week of preparation .

To me, gratefulness is a core American value. You might not see it in politics, nor on the news but if you tune both of those out and listen to the person next to you, you will find it, this core value. That we as a nation connect and celebrate this core value with the holiday of Thanksgiving is pretty magnificent.

However you choose to spend Thanksgiving this year, I hope that you will be able to pick up on the resonance of thankfulness around you, add to it, enjoy how it amplifies and be just that – deeply thankful.


Annegret and the Kettle Care Organics Team

Made by us - with you in mind!  

This holiday season we created 3
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Our goal was to create skin care that
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pleasant sensory experience. One that
will invite you to unwind and enjoy the
winter days.

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Black Friday

Store Hours

This year, Ben will stay inside for Black Friday and keep the factory store open from

9am to 6pm.

His hope is to catch up on office work while the rest of the KCO team will play outside. Come by and say Hi to Ben - it will make his day. :-)

Small Business Saturday

Store Hours

Start Small Business Saturday the right way - with a European Breakfast at our place. Enjoy homemade scones, bread and jelly with coffee and tea and soak up some serenity and good smells after a busy holiday. Opening hours: 10am to 5pm.

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This is our way of saying Thank You for your loyalty over the years.

We hope that this offer will make your holiday shopping even more enjoyable with us. We really appreciate that you shop with us and value our fine skin care.

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