Introducing ... the ONE & ONLY ... Environmental Barrier Lip Balm

by Annegret Pfeifer

Last year, as a team we sat together and thought, if we had to design just ONE & ONLY one lip balm, what would it be?

We envisioned that it would be soothing and nourishing to dry and chapped lips,

it should indulge and nourish our lips with pure botanicals from nature;

it would give the perfect relief for stressed lips that need some loving;

it could be the lip balm that we take to any outing … over and over again;

it ought to be one unbeatable lip balm...

We gathered golden Calendula Flowers, hearty Comfrey Leaves, sunny soothing Chamomile Buds and refreshing Lemon Balm, lots and lots of them, and combined them all with Organic Sunflower Oil. Then … we waited.

When the soothing oil infusion had turned golden and was thoroughly saturated, we added a symphony of 6 more lusciously nourishing oils – soft Coconut, balancing Jojoba, rich Cocoa Butter, hydrating Avocado, deeply penetrating Vitamin E and emollient Castor Oil.

It already felt so good on our lips.

Then, with pure, unprocessed Montana Beeswax, we added Zinc Oxide, Neem and Lysine to ease the stress from environmental exposure from our harsh Rocky Mountain climate.

All it needed was an invigorating, tingling highlight. We achieved this with a perfect balance of Peppermint & Melissa Essential Oils, which made our lips feel alive and happy!

That’s how our ONE & ONLY EVB Lip Balm was created – the perfect soothing relief for lips that need some loving.

Enjoy it with us.   Buy here.