Summer Raspberry Harvest

by Annegret Pfeifer; photograpy Dillon Brist

We love when  harvest season for healthy skin finally comes around. It starts in late spring with wild-crafting soothing Arnica, next is hearty Comfrey, followed by golden Chamomile ...

After 3 seasons of consciously building and nurturing soil in the back yard of Kettle Care Organics, this summer we got rewarded with a bumper crop of raspberries. What a delicious treat.

Raspberries are such a tender and sweet fruit. We all indulged in them. Erin, who had never picked raspberries before, was especially delighted. She became a seasoned picker this summer and her kids sure enjoyed the tender treat she brought them home from work. It has been summer at one of its many best.

We hope that you have a small pot or plot where you can grow some of your loved botanicals. It is always good to work with healthy soil to ground your spirit, body and soul on many different levels. 

I believe that we are part of nature and the closer we are connected to it, the healthier we feel. It is one of many good ways to connect to your source and keeps your spirit bright and skin glowing.