We're Seeing Purple!

by Annegret; photography by Annegret & Erin

 It was absolutely wonderful to partner with Purple Mountain Lavender Farm in Lakeside, Montana, for July's workshop.

We were so nicely welcomed at this beautiful farm high up in Lakeside.

Debbie made sure that we were all well hydrated and then took us out to the lavender field.

Walking through this purple wonderland was just breathtaking.

Debbie showed us how to care for Lavender ...

She also showed us all the different Lavender varieties she grows and told us about their specific usage.

Some are delicious for cooking, some long lasting for sachets, others showy for bouquets or fragrant for essential oil.

We were all surprised by the variation of scent, depending on species.

Being at this place was like diving into a sunny, relaxing retreat. It was amazing to take it all in.

After the walk through the lavender field we were put to 'work'.

Debbie taught us how to properly clean the lavender buds...

and fill sachets,

as well as how to build beautiful bundles of lavender 

that we could use for cooking or display. 

It was such a fun and relaxing evening that we all enjoyed.

Debbie and her husband surely have created a sanctuary on this mountain top in Lakeside, where they have been growing Lavender since 2004.  

Feel free to arrange workshops with Debbie - call or text her at 406-212-5626 www.purplemountainlavendermontana.com

They are always looking for lovely volunteers that will help them during harvest time.  You will be compensated with a dream of purple lavender, lunch and lavender itself.

Thanks Purple Mountain Lavender for sharing your serene lavender fields with us and creating a relaxing evening and wonderful memory.