Giving Thanks

by Kettle Care

The other day, in the midst of 2017 planning, I needed to clear my head. Browsing our small shops downtown for a couple of hours seemed like a good idea on a gray, rainy afternoon. Every store I meandered in, the shopkeepers greeted me kindly, and as I admired their latest merchandise, we chatted about the developments in their business. I ran into acquaintances, learned the latest community news, and in the process, found some meaningful gifts that I'm excited to give this holiday season.

This little trip not only cleared my mind, it also nourished my soul and uplifted my spirits - an inter-net connection in its original form.

It reminded me of an article* by Johann Hari where he pointed out that 'human beings are bonding animals. We need to connect and love.' Love is relevant to all of us and for Johann Hari the 'wisest sentence of the twentieth century was E.M. Forster's "only connect".

Giving thanks is a powerful way to nourish the deep, loving connection we have for each other. I wish that you all feel the power of loving human connection this Thanksgiving - for which thousands of us travel hours through bad road conditions and endure crowded public transportation.

We here at Kettle Care Organics are thankful for our connection with you, our customers and friends. We always say that you are full of kindness and compassion. Thank you.

We wish you, your families, and friends a wonderful time and loving connection this Thanksgiving.


Annegret and the Kettle Care Organics Team

* Johann Hari, Huffington Post, 2015