What's In A Sugar Scrub Bar Workshop?

by The KCO Team

It starts with an idea...

We absolutely love to use fresh ingredients and no preservatives. Simply pure botanical goodness in an ideal world. Amid the days of Summer, our hands are busy with work, the yard, the garden and with fun. This can be a little punishing on the skin, so we decided a Lemon Scrub Bar would be wonderful to brighten and nourish our faithful hands.

ssws2.jpg new5-dsc04695.jpg


Preparing our Sugar Scrub Bars, we enjoyed a few trial runs, developing the perfect formula for a workshop setting, zesting lemons and envisioning explosions of an uplifting citrus aroma. In our trials, the first few bars quickly fell apart and did not provide adequate abrasion. In this, we realized that more was not necessarily better. It was our newest Team member, Erin, who theorized and tested far less zest and found the perfect balance. The resulting exfoliation, overall scent and hydration became something beautiful!

The Workshop...

For the workshop we prepared fresh botanicals just minutes before the start and organizing them on an improvised “plant bar”. As they arrived, we urged the participants to indulge in the ingredients from our garden, soon to be a part of their own Sugar Scrub Bars. Inspired, they all began to select, chop and zest some fresh goodness. After that, it was time to get to work. In the end, we could not be happier with the results.