2018 Holiday Gift Guide

by Annegret Pfeifer

I am excited to tell you that this year our team has prepared a special Kettle Care Holiday Gift Guide for you. At your convenience, tuck yourself away with a cup of goodness in a cozy chair, and enjoy our first gift guide. If you think gift this season – may you think Kettle Care and real skin care with natural ingredients – made right here in Montana.

Special Gift Boxes with FREE SHIPPING

Let's start out with some Special Gift Boxes that definitely say 'I care'. They also have the convenience of FREE SHIPPING this holiday season. They are for the person that you want to pamper with attention long after the holidays. They will be enjoying thoughtfully formulated skin care that will indulge their skin and senses through the rough winter weather and temperatures.

NW Wilderness Shaving Creme Gift Box

NW Wilderness Shaving Creme Gift Box

True to our surroundings, we created a NW Wilderness line for you this year. It's fresh scent of Pine is blended with uplifting Bergamot and grounded with Cedar Leaf. This advanced essential oil blend is our NW Wilderness in a bottle and will remind you of all your summer adventures, and will ground you like a long brisk walk in the Rockies.

Our NW Wilderness Gift Box has a refreshing Body Spray that will draw the people close to you even closer. You will also find a velvety Shaving Creme for both male and female. Enjoy with it, a detoxifying and refreshing Charcoal Tea Tree Soap Bar to keep you true and feeling clean. And finally, a Mineral Bath Salt that will fill your bath and bedroom with the ancient grounding power of our NW Wilderness for the rest of the night. 

I would say, this is a pretty special box for all of you public land owners out there.

Balancing Lavender Spa Gift Box

Antioxidant Spa Gift Box

All Time Favorite Classics

Because of their popularity, we brought back two of our all time favorite classics:

Balancing Lavender Gift Box

Enjoy the calming and oil-balancing effect of this skin care line. It is a pampering gift for all skin types and an ideal treat for the busy holiday season.

Antioxidant Gift Box

Scented with uplifting Lemongrass and formulated with a powerful protective antioxidant blend of Green Tea, Wild Montana Strawberry Leaf and Lemon Balm this skin care line is for the active outdoor enthusiast. It ensures the necessary pampering after a full day in wind, sun and snow.

Each gift box covers the basic winter skin needs and you can't go wrong with either selection.

Seasonal & Thoughtful Gift Boxes

If you enjoy the gift of seasonal scents or skincare, we have just the thing. These Kettle Care creations let you celebrate and still allow for plenty of time to just relax. These gift boxes might be just the right choice.

Spicy Orange Spa Box

Spicy Orange Spa Box

Spicy Orange Spa Box - Limited Edition

Uplifting warmth that makes you feel loved to the core and brings a smile to your face - I think best describes this essential oil blend. It is the perfect blend of fresh Orange, cozy Anise and grounding Cardamom. It will turn any dull winter day into a snuggly one that you want to remember. 

This spa package offers a warmly scented Pumpkin Spice Bar Soap, made with Organic Montana Safflower and sustainable Palm Oil that supports its local farmers and economy. It is moisturizing and perfect for dry winter skin as we add additional oils to the formula after the saponificaton process. The Mineral Salt Bath will let you indulge in a cozy bath and the Body Elixir will pamper you skin with the uplifting cozy scent of this Spicy Orange Spa line. 

Perfect for anyone - yet especially for all your friends that have to endure gray and wet winter days.

Buy this one soon, as we have only a limited supply of it. 

Frosty Spa BoxFrosty Spa Box

Frosty Spa Box - Limited Edition

The Frosty Line was inspired by the fresh scents of Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Spearmint. It's name was also inspired by the refreshing discovery that the Mineral Salt Bath can give you an invigorating frosty feel on your back for a few minutes while soaking in the tub. Oh, it makes you feel so alive and revitalized. Eucalyptus will soothe your sore muscles and makes you look forward to another day on the powdery slopes. 

Life can be so good if you just allow it to be. The Peppermint Bar Soap will keep your hard working body clean and fresh and the Room Mist will give your surroundings, gear and socks an uplifting scent in the most pleasant way.

This is a gift for people that feel alive and can't wait to live even a bit harder tomorrow.

NW Wilderness Gift Box

NW Wilderness Gift Box

This is our NW Wilderness Box without the good smelling Shaving Creme that wants you to run into the outdoors and breathe in the piney fresh air of our Rocky Mountains. So, since not everyone needs to shave but can't do without our new NW Wilderness scent blend - here is the thoughtful gift box with the Mineral Salt Bath, Body Spray and Charcoal Tea Tree Bar Soap. 

Keep in mind that Montana men are hard working, proud of it and clean up handsomely well - especially with this gift box.

Pampering Foot Care Box

Pampering Foot Care Box

Long winter nights allow for precious time to finally care for our feet - challenged by long summer hikes, runs along wild river banks, or walking bare feet on the wild flower meadows. How ever your own or your best friends feet have been put to the test, this is the most foot rejuvenating gift box you can get. 

Starting with the invigorating NW Wilderness Bath Salt, either for the whole body or just the feet, the stress of the day will melt off right there and then. The Pumice Stone will soften calluses and the Peppermint Creme will not only hydrate and nourish the skin of your feet, yet also mends cracked skin and invigorates the circulation. So refreshing, so rejuvenating and we did not spare on Peppermint essential oil in the cremes' formula. The Robber's Room mist will keep the inside of all winter shoes fresh and sanitized and is also a good anti-fungal protection for any feet that will hit the gym instead of the trails this winter.

For all of those reasons or maybe just the necessary pampering a girl needs from time to time; another gift box that will be well appreciated by all active people.

Just Awesome Stocking Stuffers & Gift Goodies

Just Awesome Stocking Stuffers

Forget mittens, gloves and scarves that might not be the right style. Our stocking stuffers are a different kind of gift. Delightful, and did we mention healthy to the skin and mind? (Sometimes it just feels so good to brag a bit about them.) Enjoy checking them out. Dillon had fun creating a special holiday mood when he took the photos, and they all come gift wrapped in a chic organza bag. Don't you feel special already to have found such great gifts?

And stock up on the soaps - they are are an excellent product to be stored in the lingerie or sock drawer till you use them. Or you might just keep them there because their essential oils smell so heavenly and delightful.

Shop Here for AwesomeStocking Stuffers

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