2020 Holiday Customer Gift Schedule

by Kettle Care Organics Team

Here at Kettle Care, we love to spoil our customers!

Since we can't welcome you into our store for events this 2020 season, we want to treat you to some of our favorite products! Thus, every week  till December 18th, we will tuck in a different little token of our appreciation for you. 

To enable you to pick and choose your favorite gift, we made a gift schedule for the season:

 With every purchase of $30+ we will tuck in:

Week of November 7th-13th

Natural Lip Simmer

This lip balm, made with pure Montana beeswax is sure to keep your lip looking gorgeous, while keeping the harsh effects of winter weather at bay.

Week of November 14th-20th

Lavender Pocket Perfume

Our treasured Lavender Pocket Perfume, made with pure essential oil,  will soothe your soul, balance your mood and promote relaxation during the holidays.

Apply throughout the day for that calming moment of Zen.

Week of November 21st-27th

Peppermint with Wheat & Barley Grass Bar Soap

Bask in the invigorating holiday scent of Peppermint - as long as supply lasts! Our all natural bar soaps, made with organic Sunflower, Montana Safflower & Coconut oils, will leave your skin feeling clean, hydrated and ready to face another blustery winter day.

Do you want to know the secret of our fine natural bar soaps? We add additional oils to the formula after the saponification process to ensure gentle hydration of the skin.

Week of November 28th-December 4th

Facial Cleanser 1 fl oz & Moisturizer 1/4 oz Bundle

Be surprised with one of our fine  facial cleansers that are made with only the best oils to remove grime and dirt without stripping away your skin's moisture. Then enjoy one of our face cremes, which deeply nourish and hydrate your skin  to make your complexion revitalized and with a youthful glow.

Week of December 5th-11th

Sweet Slumber Mineral Bath, 4 oz

Give the sheep the night off and prepare for a peaceful sleep with our Sweet Slumber Mineral Bath. A mix of Epsom and Dead Sea Salts combined with grounding essential oils will have you relaxed and ready for a peaceful night of sleep.

Week of December 12th-18th

 Body Lotion 1 fl oz &  Facial Scrub 1/4 oz Bundle

We don't like to brag, yet we love our body lotions! Nourishing, soothing, and packed with essential oils they make sure your skin feels as smooth and hydrated all day long! Our facial scrubs prepare your face for the day by exfoliating and leaving your face feeling rejuvenated and with a youthful glow.

Enjoy the caring gift giving and pamper yourself as well!

We are incredibly thankful for your patronage, 

and wish you a wonderful and safe holiday season!