5 & 5 Reward Program

by Annegret Pfeifer

I hope that you are enjoying the summer, cooling off in a local watering hole, sipping a delicious cool drink with your family and friends and having time to just hang-out for a bit.

If you catch yourself talking about Kettle Care Organics, maybe Summertime favorites such as the Camping Spray or the Itch Ease Crème, we have some good news for you. Because more and more customers like you have been talking about us and sending their friends and family members our way, we want to start rewarding you for it.

5 & 5 Reward Program

When you send your friends to stop by our store, we will ask them at checkout how they learned about us. When they tell us your name, we will give your friend $5 off their first purchase at the store and write a $5 gift certificate for you, which we will keep at our checkout counter for the next time you come in.

This is our way of saying 'Thank You' for sharing Kettle Care Organics Skincare with your friends and family. If you have guests in town this rewards program will make it even more fun for you to stop by our store with them.

If you order online, you too can benefit from this new program. Simply tell your referral to mention the referral program and your name in the comments at checkout. Once their order is complete and processed, we will send you both gift certificates that you can use on your next orders.

As a summer bonus, we have our Company Tours again. Starting in the last week of June and ending in the middle of September.

Every Thursday at 10 am we will offer a 45 min tour along our demonstration garden (Pictured above) and through the manufacturing facility to provide an inside peek at our operation.

I myself love company tours when we travel, as it gives me an insight not only in the specific company, but also into the local community and area. It is always so inspiring and motivating. You never know what cool operations could be going on in any one of those buildings you usually just drive by.

So plan to come on by and tour Kettle Care Organics on one of these Summer Thursdays. Or, if you have a larger group contact us and schedule a tour anytime.