'A girl can do anything a boy can do'

by Annegret Pfeifer

March 8th, 2019

When I was reflecting this morning on today’s International Women’s Day, I had a flash back of when my son was in second grade. We were hanging out at the playground after school and I noticed that his third grade friend told him how the boys had teased her about being a girl earlier that day. She was upset and he listened to her intently. Then he calmly stated “I think girls can do anything boys can do.” “Yes!” his friend responded, “I think so too.” And off they went to run happily across the playscapes, all qualms gone.

I was surprised by my son’s statement, as I was a stay-at-home mom at the time and Klaus and I live fairly traditional roles. Trust me, I gladly leave any repair of equipment, cars and home to my McGyver husband. I will not even try to compete. I happily focused on the laundry, finances and kid’s birthdays.

Yet, it showed me that traditional roles don’t overpower the belief that we all want to be treated equal and with respect and dignity. My son’s calm affirmation of his belief that helped his friend to leave her heartache behind and be a happy kid again showed me how powerful our beliefs can be and how simply they can be lived.

I am super lucky to work in an environment where male/female equality is not an issue. Yet, I am self-employed. This allows me to shape my own environment more to an extent. I am also happy that the women around me know they can do whatever they choose to do. Maybe, it is the Montana way of living (and a big part of it definitely is), yet it is also the achievement of so many women and men before us, living the belief that girls can do anything boys can do.

Today, I wish you to be able to see the beautiful power in you and in the person next to you – no matter if female or male. I wish that you can see the many ways how we are already living the belief that ‘A girl can do anything a boy can do’.

Today, celebrate all that has already been achieved in your lives, our community, and society and worldwide in this aspect. I sure appreciate the people around me that live this belief every day. And I see with joy that the next generation is embracing it even more.

Enjoy another beautiful winter weekend - spring is right around the corner.


Annegret Pfeifer and The Kettle Care Organics Team