A Thoughtful Gift For Everyone On Your List - 2019 KCO Gift Guide

by The Kettle Care Organics Team

We couldn't be more excited for the Holidays here at Kettle Care! For the past few weeks we've been busy  planning upcoming holiday events, preparing beautiful artisan gift boxes for our customers and we just finished decorating the store with our favorite winter ornaments. It is so much fun to get in the spirit of the season.

In honor of the giving spirit of the holidays, we've compiled a beautiful and versatile Gift Guide. Something for everyone on your list - gifts that are thoughtful, yet simple, and a joy to receive. We brought back well loved Kettle Care classics, and created a few new Gift Boxes to make sure everyone on your holiday shopping list is thought of. 

This Thanksgiving weekend, we invite you to pour yourself a hot beverage, cozy up and enjoy reading our 2019 KCO Gift Guide.


Trailblazing Outdoor Buff - devoted to Montana's vast wilderness, farms and ranches

Let's start with a homage to those who are always outdoors - whether it be trailblazing, exploring new camping spots, or working on one of Montana's many vast farms & ranches. This one is for you! As functional as it is potent, packed with quality essential oils and extracts that get you up and going again day after day. These products are versatile in their uses and are perfect for those that like to indulge in minimal yet necessary pampering. We present, our Outdoor Essentials Gift Box. This gift box qualifies for FREE shipping. 

The Environmental Barrier Lip Balm - or as we like to call it, our 'One & Only' (lip balm you'll ever need)! It will protect and care for your lips during days in the sun and wind. Our Eucalyptus Breathe Balm will kick your sinuses into gear with a powerful Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Lavender oil blend. After a long day in the cold and harsh Montana weather, your muscles ache and your body can be exhausted - Soothe your body and recuperate from the winter harsh outside with Under the Weather Mineral Bath, followed with a soothing treatment of Arnica Rub. Latter is such a versatile item you'll be surprised how many uses it has!  We added our Hiker's Purifying Mist - to ready up your winter boots and jackets for the next adventure. 

If there were a Swiss Army Knife of body products, it would be this Outdoor Essentials Gift Basket.


Energetic Go-Getter - who is always on the move

What about the hard-worker on your list, the one who never slows down? The one that might not even take time to relax outside? That go-getter you know who's always on the move and definitely deserves an evening to put up their feet? An evening of full warmth, rest and relaxation?

We opt to surprise them with our Peppermint Foot Care Basket. The Northwest Wilderness Mineral Salt provides a grounding scent to a full body or foot soak, providing time to unwind and release the stress of the day. Our Peppermint Foot Creme is crafted with invigorating and refreshing essential oils that help recuperate for the next day ahead. Exfoliate and take care of the foundation of your body with our Pumice Nail Brush. 

This Gift Basket says "Take some time for yourself, you deserve it!"


Passionate about Montana - longing to take its nature home

Probably all your friends are envious that you can live in Montana. Or some of us life calls  indoors at times and we wish so desperately to bring the beauty of the outdoors in. For those of you who relate to this statement, or know someone who longs to be back in Montana, craves the scents of the Northwest Wilderness, we've got your back.

Awakening, invigorating, and grounding - Rocky Mountain Basics Gift Box.

Peppermint with Wheat & Barley Grass make this moisturizing Bar Soap the perfect way to wake-up and energize your face and body! Rejuvenate tired feet and legs with our Peppermint Foot Creme. Feel grounded & reminisce of snowy mountain peaks with our Northwest Wilderness Body Spray. It can be used anywhere you desire the essence of the outdoors. Eucalyptus Breathe Balm helps your sinuses feel their best, and completes this restorative Northwest Wilderness scented experience.   

This Gift Box says "Wake-up, be grounded in the Northwest Wilderness, today is the best day of your life!"


The Men in your Life - the gift of necessary pampering

What's bold, rugged, and cleans up so handsomely? Montana Guys! And we selected the right products that say "Groomed, yet Untamed". Handsome for any age and lifestyle, and a high compliment for any man. We simply called it the - Men's Facial Care Gift Box. It qualifies for FREE shipping.

Invigorate the morning with a quick and effective face routine! Enjoy the Charcoal Bar Soap as a face and body wash to deeply cleanse & purify. Exfoliate the face with our Earth & Sea Scrub – and if you have a few minutes, apply it as a facial mask, let its Dead Sea Salt work its magic - your skin will thank you! Our Northwest Wilderness Shaving Crème pairs perfectly with the shaving brush to get a close yet smooth shave. Complete with our Environmental Barrier Lip Balm to soothe & protect lips.

This Gift Box is a compliment to the men that accomplish the fine Montana status of "Groomed, yet Untamed".  


Of course, no Kettle Care Gift Guide would be complete without our classic items. 

Loved by men & women alike, these Gift Boxes are a thoughtful way to show your loved ones

that you know what they treasure. It is an effective introduction for your friends 

to the nourishing and highly concentrated world of Kettle Care products. 

Who does not like their skin to be fully hydrated 

and younger looking during the harsh winter months?


The Active, Energetic Person - who keep their skin younger looking at any age

This Gift Box is for the ageless beauty. The person who shines so bright from the inside, it can't help but reflect out. For those who desire to keep their skin looking the best at any age, and who understand the importance of protecting and pampering their skin.  We suggest to compliment their beauty or handsomeness with our Antioxidant Skincare Gift Box. This gift box qualifies for FREE shipping.

Formulated with uplifting Lemongrass essential oil and a robust antioxidant blend of Green Tea extract, Wild MT Strawberry Leaf, & Lemon Balm. This line works overtime with replenishing antioxidant properties, making it ideal for those who enjoy braving the outdoor elements. Remove everything from sunscreen to adventuring grime with our gentle and effective Antioxidant Cleansing Gel. Spritz your cares away with our mood brightening Lemongrass Mist & Toner, and complete this facial care trifecta with nutrient rich and deeply hydrating Royal Jelly Crème. Keep dry winter skin a tale from the past with our highly concentrated Antioxidant Body Lotion.

This Gift Box encourages to "Feel as bright on the outside as you do on the inside. You are unstoppable!"


The Relaxation Enthusiast -  soothing skin and calming soul 

This beautifully formulated Lavender line is for busy mothers to pamper themselves; for teenagers to indulge their skin in oil balancing and anti-inflammatory goodness. It is perfect for the ones that want to fall in love with their skin again. It is for the relaxation enthusiast or the one you want to encourage to become one. This skincare line is gentle & effective, and suitable for any skin type. You go always right with the Balancing Lavender Gift Box. This gift box qualifies for FREE shipping.

Indulge your mind, your soul, and your skin with this luxurious Lavender Gift Box. Crafted with oil balancing Lavender & Ylang Ylang essential oils, and antioxidant rich Gotu Kola & Goji Berry extracts. Gently cleanse while protecting skins natural moisture barrier with our Lavender Cleansing Gel. Lavender Mist & Toner soothes and tones while providing an aromatherapy pick-me-up. Lavender Facial Crème brings the finishing touch to this oil & inflammation balancing facial routine. Complete the experience with our concentrated and rich Lavender Body Lotion to push away all worries, and focus on the pampering moment at hand.        

This Gift Box plays relaxing ocean sounds while smelling a fresh bouquet of lavender flowers.

(Not really, but but you can almost hear it!)


Now, that you found a joyful gift for everyone on your list, 

let's look at the stocking stuffers 

and kind offerings. 


Hand-Crafted Stocking Stuffers - and for someone you just want to give a gift 

These gift ideas are thoughtful and kind, great for teachers, colleagues, the neighbor down the street, the Secret Santa present (well, maybe that might just give you away, as the Kettle Care fans are a close knit community who all know each other. lol). They are fun to give and such useful and skin hydrating gifts in the dry winter months. 

And stock up on the soaps for yourself - they are an excellent product to be stored in the lingerie or sock drawer till you use them. Or you might just keep them there because their essential oils smell so heavenly and delightful. 

For all other skincare products, just write in the comment box that you want to have them packed as gifts and we wrap them in chic organza bags and seasonal tissue paper. We love to make your life easier and avoid standing in line at your local post office. Click here to view our Thoughtful Stocking Stuffers.

We thank you for your continued support and loyalty to Kettle Care. We hope our Gift Guide helps you find the perfect, thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list. Wishing you a very Happy Holidays, The Kettle Care Organics Team.