Couple's Workshop- DIY Facial & Massage

by KCO Team

DIY Facial & Couple's Massage

Workshop at Kettle Care Organics 

This February, we decided to put ourselves out there a bit and embark on a new territory in terms of our Workshops.  We wanted to employ our popular DIY Facial & Lymphatic Massage Workshop with a few tweaks to account for a partner.  We hoped to accentuate teaching self-care essentials, while extending the routines to include those dearest to us.  Moreover, the couple’s workshop was born- and has 

proven to become a team favorite. Adding in partner massage and a classic clay mask, we focused on emphasizing how couples can pamper themselves at home in an easy, yet effective manner. The evening was designed to optimize wellness and appreciation for one another - and a success, it was! 

The itinerary weaved between facial steps and targeted massage processes.  Cleansing, steaming, detoxing and moisturizing alongside grounding, relaxation, and mood elevating.  The transformation of energy was imminent.

We began by greeting our couples with a beverage and a sugar scrub. They worked the scrub in their hands and up their forearms to prepare for the evening's events. After the scrub portion, one participant was heard saying “Wow- these don’t even feel like my hands anymore!” - We knew that we were off to a good start.

The intentions of the evening were clear: letting go of our individual struggles for a bit.  Turning our focus onto our partners and the why behind we were there.  Taking a portion of a single evening to prioritize each other.  We settled in and brought out the head bands. Out of context, it might have looked like we were getting ready to film an 80’s aerobics video -which really set the pace. 

We then utilized an oil cleanser to begin our cleansing and grounding portion of the night.  Each guest gently rubbed their faces with the oil to pull all the day's dirt and grime away.  Using oil as a cleanser was a new idea for a few of our participants - the idea of 'like dissolves like' and the results were more than convincing of the effectiveness, though.  A hot steamed towel and several spritzes of our grounding Northwest Wilderness spray removed the cleanser and set us up for Penny Capps, Certified Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer,  to begin the shoulder massage portion.  A crowd favorite, no doubt! 

Penny lead the group through partner shoulder massage.  It was heart warming to watch our couples physically disperse their partner's tension.  As Penny mentioned, a massage from our loved ones has the ability to calm and completely reset our nervous system.  We appreciated Penny showing us a series of techniques that saved our hands from tiring while maintaining the right amount of pressure for each person's needs. 

Feeling ever so relaxed, we continued forward to the facial steam portion.  Participants picked out lavender, rose, and chamomile and ground them up with a mini mortar and pestal.  This allows the herbs to release their natural essential oils.  Boiling water completes the steam prep, and towel tents are created to take in the steam.  Our couples seemed to reach a meditative state as we encouraged them to let go and set positive intentions for their lives. After some deep relaxation and reflection, we moved forward to the DIY Lymphatic massage teachings.  Penny emphasized the importance of our Lymphatic system and its crucial function to our overall health.  This system has no pump in our bodies, so performing drainage massage has incredible benefits for detoxing, healing, and overall wellness.

A favorite portion of the evening was undoubtedly the detoxifying clay mask with Spirulina & Red Algae.  A take away from the evening was that it's important to laugh at ourselves, just as 

it's important to prioritize each other's health.  It's safe to say that everyone looked as fabulous as they felt.

Hot towels steamed with Lavender Ylang Ylang removed the mask and we continued with the couple's hand massage.  Who knew that our hands were such points of tension?  At this point it was clear that we were achieving the mission of the evening.  By taking time to focus on ourselves and our partner, we were able to break through and allow ourselves to be in the moment.  Enjoying ourselves and each other's companionship.

Each couple finished with a pampering facial plate adorned with our Essential Face Creme & Essential Face Serum, Cucumber Eye Creme, and a healthy portion of Hyaluronic Acid.  The men tested out our soon to be released Face & Beard Oils and the women took to the fun and natural Mica shimmer.

We accentuated the importance of keeping these feelings of relaxation and adoration for each other alive as the evening wrapped up.  The smiles, laughter, and affection was a dreamy experience to be a part of.  We hope to connect with you all in the future and would be honored to see you for a night of Kettle Care pampering! 


The Kettle Care Team