Cozy Autumn Skin Care

by The Kettle Care Organics Team

As we roll into autumn full of renewed energy, we have shifted focus to getting our seasonal batches of KCO Fall Products ready. We aim to savor the beautiful moments of fall we have experienced, and materialize these feelings of serenity and coziness.

Therefore, our Top 3 Harvest Season Classics are back, while supplies last!

Autumn Winds Room Spray

Autumn Winds Room Spray- $12.95

The room spray that captures the enchanting aroma of a crisp caramel apple, after harvesting the perfect pumpkin - in an orchard of gilded leaves. Our dreamy natural essential oil blend creates this unique mist that can only be described as 'Autumn Winds'.

Pumpkin Chai Bar Soap

Pumpkin Chai Bar Soap  -$6.95

Enrich your cleansing routine and your senses with this harvest season classic! Our tantalizing Pumpkin Chai bar soap is formulated with a combination of rich essential oils and real, natural pumpkin seeds & spices. Treat your skin and senses to our unique bar soap recipe that provides gentle cleansing without drying out your skin.

Spicy Orange Mineral Bath -$6.95

Discover your tranquility by treating yourself to this enchanting pampering experience. Fill your bath and sprinkle in this recuperating Mineral Bath - packed with natural Magnesium ions and purifying essential oils. Also great for soaking feet!

We hope that you are able to reflect and enjoy the simple things that the changes of season has to offer. We highly recommend taking some time to pause and take in the scenery - whatever that may look like for you - and enjoy the moments of serenity.


The Kettle Care Organics Team