Effective Dry Winter Skin Treatments

by KCO Team
It definitely is cold out there! Brrr. This makes now a perfect time to indulge in some of our favorite skin treatments that soothe, protect and nourish dry winter skin.
In Montana, seasonal dry skin seems inevitable. With the dropping temperatures of winter, the humidity in the air evaporates as well. This dryer air combined with cold temperatures and wind exposure creates a lack of moisture for our skin.

Luckily, we formulate all of our skincare products with high concentrations of rich oils and botanicals that help soothe, protect and nourish our skin through the roughest of nature’s and environmental challenges.

We hope that you are able to set aside some time for yourself and take part in our beloved wintertime face & lip hydrating treatments.

A hydrating masque routine is a luxurious, yet completely necessary regimen for revealing healthy looking skin.

To prepare, cleanse your face with your favorite cleanser (or our Balancing Lavender Cleansing Gel) and follow with your favorite exfoliation regiment (or our Earth & Sea Masque & Scrub).

Now that your skin is clean and rid of dead skin cells, spritz your face with our Balancing Lavender Mist & Toner. Lavender and Aloe Vera soothe your freshly exfoliated skin to prepare for the ultimate hydrating treatment - the masque.

Make your own with our personal recipe:

Soothing & Softening Lavender Hydration Masque
  • 1 tsp of Balancing Lavender Crème
  • ¼ tsp of raw local Honey
  • 1 capsule of Vitamin E

Mix all three ingredients carefully in a small bowl.

Apply a generous layer on your face, neck and décolleté. Let this masque sit and quench your skin, while we recommend you relax with a cup of goodness.

After 10 minutes or so, you're ready for the final step - the warm towel treatment. Take a facial cloth and moisten it with fairly warm water. Close your eyes, and gently lay the cloth over your face. The warm moisture opens up your pores, allowing the masque to deepen its hydrating effects.

Then, when you are ready, use the facial cloth to gently wipe the remaining masque off. Follow with misting your skin with our Balancing Lavender Mist & Toner, and take a few relaxing breaths to enjoy the calming aroma of of this Mist.

As a final step, apply a thin layer of pure Balancing Lavender Crème and enjoy the fresh look of your skin and its soft, nourished and hydrated feel.

This ritual can be done weekly, especially during the cold and dry winter months.

Interesting Lavender Crème Hack
Frequent nosebleed during winter or dry nostrils? Yes, our mucus membranes also battle with the low humidity in the air. Help your nostrils to combat this challenge by applying daily a thin layer of Balancing Lavender Crème with a Q-Tip. You will notice right away what a positive difference this hydrating crème will have.