Fun & Dusty Bath Bomb Workshop

by Annegret Pfeifer

The holidays are here! Being cozied up next to a fire. Drinking delicious hot cocoa or cider. Spreading holiday cheer, and our Holiday Bath Bomb Workshop is here!

This year's Holiday Bath Bomb Workshop was booked before we even started to advertise it.  As the waiting list grew longer we opened up a second evening, which filled up just as fast as the first. 

Even though the workshop recipe is proven by now, the workshop preparations start early in the day.  Furniture gets rearranged, tables set up and in the afternoon the preparations of the refreshments.

Ben has proven to be an excellent chopper, dicer and slicer when it comes to fresh, local veggies that we all love.

We started the evening off by warming up with spiced cider, then Erin treated everyone to a hand sugar scrub treatment - a magic potion that she had whipped up that afternoon. Thus, with luxuriously moisturized hands we started the workshop.

Pretty soon the tables were busy with activity.

We had a blast mixing and coloring...

Getting inspired by botanicals, color, mica and scent ...

the creativity grew with each bath bomb mold...

and it was easy to have a good time with old and new friends.

This time we got really efficient on our cooling system for such a large crowd by using dry ice.  

Jon was made the keeper of that magical ice box that transformed all projects ...

into wonderful bath bombs and shower fizzies.

It was fun to see all the different wonderful bath bomb creations.

Packed and wrapped, ready to go as wonderful gifts to yourself and your friends.

We are looking forward to seeing your photos of the bath bomb you will create with your family and friends this holiday season.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful evening.