Havest Moon Line

by Kettle Care Organics Team

Fall sunk into our valley this week, with its freezing morning glitter and tantalizing golden shades popping up wherever you go. October can be such color therapy in Montana.

The colder evenings finally draw us back into our houses and it seems everyone is taking time again to visit with friends and family, and to catch up from a busy summer of enjoying the outdoors.

Maybe that explains why our Harvest Moon Line has been so well received by so many of you in the last few weeks. This seasonal line is eclectic, but plays heavy on the classics. It presents the perfect products to create hostess gifts that also embrace the warm scents of this autumn season.

The line includes the Sunflower Harvest Creme, Autumn Winds Room Spray, Citrus Spice Mineral Bath, and two bar soaps- Pumpkin Chai & Spiced Cider! Check them out on our website, here:

Harvest Moon Line  

It has been so enjoyable to see how many variations of hostess gifts our customers came up with this week, and it is always so much fun to gift wrap them for you.

The seasonal Harvest Sunflower Creme has been flying out the door. Being light and unscented, yet deeply nourishing and hydrating, it has been a favorite by men and women.

We are in quite a hurry this week to get the second batch of our Autumn Wind Room Spray finished for you – and here I thought that one batch would be plenty... Thank you for the enthusiasm that you have shared with us over this cozy seasonal line, it is so inspiring and we appreciate it.

Separately or intertwined, these items are perfect for a pick-me-up or as a hostess gift. As we gather together over the next months, keep in mind that there is beauty in change- and let us help you embrace it with these harvest favorites!

Stay cozy,

The Kettle Care Organics Team