Hydrating Lavender Facial Mask

by Annegret Pfeifer

One of our favorite facial masks that we like to feature in our DIY Facial Care Workshops is a hack on our Balancing Lavender Creme with Ylang-Ylang.  With it's rich amounts of calming and oil-balancing Lavender and the soft scent of Ylang-Ylang it is ideal for all skin types.

I like the simplicity of the recipe while it is most potent and effective, leaving most hydrating masks on the market in its shadow.

  • Take 1 capsule of Vitamin E, cut it open and squeeze the oil in a small bowl. Mix with 1 tsp of Balancing Lavender Creme and 1/2 tsp of local honey.  If available, you may also add 3 drops of Rose essential oil. 
  • Apply the mask on your freshly cleansed face, neck and decollete for 10 to 15 min. Try to relax during that time,  listen to your favorite music or just relax during that time and close your eyes. You can also massage the relaxing Balancing Lavender Creme on the palms of your hand and soles of your feet. Your body will be grateful for it. 
  • After 10 to 15 minutes take a wash cloth and moist it with warm water, wring it slightly out and put it gently over your face. Enjoy the warmth for a few moments and then use the warm cloth to take the hydrating mask gently off .  

Follow with a thin layer of your favorite moisturizer and enjoy the soft feel of your skin and the plumping effect of the deep hydration.