Lavender - One of my Top Five Botanicals

by Annegret

July marks the month of Lavender blooming in Montana. It is a somewhat fragile botanical around here, as it has a difficult time making it through our rough sub-zero winters. It can be replanted the next spring, but even with proper care, it takes a couple of years to grow into a mature plant again.

I love this purple flower, it is fragrant and so versatile – like hanging it in bundles around the house. We use it in bath bombs, bath teas and sugar scrubs at our workshops.Slipping into the culinary arena, we simply drink it as a tea. Ever try to crush some lavender flowers into powder and add it to your coffee powder? It is ever so delicious.

If that wasn't enough, this Lavender is a powerhouse when it comes to skincare. Having to choose my top five botanicals to use in skin care, I will pick Lavender as one every time.

Here is why:

Lavender is considered adoptogenic. Typically, adaptogens help the body to get back to normal. For skincare it balances the oil production of the skin. If it is too dry or too oily Lavender helps balance it out. When the seasons change, using products with high ratios of Lavender helps the skin to adjust its natural oil production to suit the new environment.

Lavender is soothing to stressed skin. Whether it is sun and wind parched skin, irritated or sensitized, even slightly acneic skin, Lavender has a soothing power. I enjoy thinking about it like this; Lavender is telling your skin that everything is okay. "Take a breather and calmly work through this situation. Everything will be good now."

Try it out for yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Lavender is also quite relaxing. As 60% of what we apply on our skin is absorbed directly in our bloodstream, the relaxing effect of Lavender goes beyond skin deep in a very pure and healthy way. It soothes stresses, anxieties, and it relaxes the mind.

There are only a few skin care ingredients around that are this unifying. Lavender is the botanical that makes you feel good, comforted and pampered for. This makes it so perfect for ALL skin types. How awesome is that?