Love Your Lips!

by KCO Team
Loving Lip Treatment
The skin of our lips is most vulnerable during winter - not to mention the new challenge we've seen with 'mask lips'. Yet, our beloved Environmental Barrier Lip Balm makes it so easy to protect to your pout. With Neem, Lysine, Lemonbalm & Zinc and the soothing emulsion of 6 lusciously nourishing oils and butters, our lips always feel that relaxing - 'Ahh' - when we apply it. Perfect for the outdoors, it's the most relieving and soothing lip balm for the lips that need some loving.

Weekly Lip Ritual:

If you want to add some additional lip treatment to your weekly skin ritual, take some raw local honey and apply it to your lips while you are enjoying a facial masque. Honey softens the skin and with its humectant properties also hydrates and deeply nourishes.