Meet the inspiring person behind Withey's Health Foods - Part 2

by Kettle Care Organics Team

Welcome back to part 2 of "Meet the inspiring person behind Withy's Health Foods." In part 1 you saw so much of the great history behind this wonderful store. Today we will get a little more personal with Joe Withey.

What do you attribute to the 60 year of success of Withey’s Health Foods?

We sure wanted to know the answer to that and Joe’s answer was – “Product knowledge, customer service and we are happy people!” Yes, you can feel that when you walk into their store. This whole team has fun at work and they create a pleasant environment that draws their customers in. For Joe the best part of running the business are the “people affected by it”. The family that brings in their small child that you visit with every time they stop by; to turn around and be able to see that same child grow up, graduate and, as an adult come into your store and say “Wow mister Withey you’re still here”.

Joe shared with us that when he was 28 his dad gave him the best advice. He said, “Joe, you are doing really well. No matter how successful you are in business, stay humble & grateful.” Joe told us, he is grateful for every customer that comes in his store. “It’s common sense,” he said. “Be grateful, be humble and live a healthy lifestyle.”


So we were wondering who Joe’s role model would be. Growing up in the back corner of Montana, did he have any? He promptly said it was his parents. They worked hard and enjoyed life so much. And this is what gets him up in the morning to this day, the ‘Lust for Life’. He loves to get up early when the day is still untouched and feels great to be productive. He says that the “morning is the most beautiful time of the day.”

When asked if there was any advice, a life lesson that he would pass on to the rest of us? 

His answer was simply uplifting, “Live for Today – Love Life – Live Life. You are in Montana, do things.”


Growing up in one of the most beautiful areas of Montana, what was his favorite place? We learned that it was probably the Flathead River, with its unbelievable scenery that changes with each season. He also enjoys going to Glacier Park at the beginning and end of the summer season. To this day, when he stands at McDonald lake, the scenery still takes his breath away, ”how surreal and pretty it is and how the mountains look like a painting”… talking with Joe we could feel that his ‘Lust for Life’ is fueled and nourished by the beautiful nature we live in.

This brought us to another question; what does he think the perks of living in Montana are? Freedom,” he responded without missing a beat. “Freedom to camp on a river anywhere there is a flat spot;” freedom to go on a long relaxing “overnight float and camp anywhere along the bank that is state land.”

As the interview was coming to a close we wanted to get a bit more fun. We already knew that Joe loves live music so we asked what the name of his debut album would be. This change in direction made Joe contemplate for a moment– he knew it would be “soft Jazz” then, going back to his core, he answered ‘Freedom’ or ‘The Heart’s Desire’. The music would be soft jazz because it reminds him so much of the peace of fly fishing – which is the “Zen of his life.”

Thank you Joe Withey for letting us get to know you better! We are honored to be part of your quest to offer people healthy products and promote healthy lives. We are fortunate that you “Live and Love” your life in our community. It is clear to us where your success comes from - ...

We really enjoyed this wonderful discussion. Look for more in the future.

To learn more about the history of Withey's Health Foods, read Part 1.