Montana Memorial Day Weekend - weather the outdoors

by Annegret Pfeifer

May has been a formidable production month for us here at Kettle Care Organics. The team was busy with checking in raw materials, measuring, mixing, packing and shipping. We are very grateful for all your orders.

In addition, Klaus and I traveled for a few days to meet many of our vendor stores on the east side of Montana. It is inspiring to visit with our vendors. Their feedback about our products, new trends and the customer’s needs is invaluable to us. Every store brings a different energy with it and the variety is fascinating. We truly enjoyed the business side of the trip. On the pleasure side of things, the real highlight was to spend the weekend with our daughter in Billings. We celebrated her birthday and visited different sections of the Missouri River.

Now, we all look forward to the 3-day Memorial Day weekend. For many of us here in Montana it is the first camping weekend – rain or shine – we are ready for the outdoors. In our area of the Northwest Rockies, Memorial Day weekend means taking a big gamble on the weather. Sometimes we are lucky and it is cozy warm and sunny, just like a spring weekend should be. Often, however, it turns cold, rainy and windy. Even so, you will find a lot of us out there. It is what makes you stronger and tougher and really good at keeping that camp fire alive. In any case, just the right attitude adjustment really, making the rest of the summer camping trips so much sweeter.

Rainy Day Hike

Today, Saturday, our store will be open from 10AM-3PM, in case you need to pick up some Camping (Bug) Spray, Arnica Rub or a protective Environmental Lip Balm.

Camping Spray

Environmental Barrier Lip Balm

We will be closed on Monday – Memorial Day. Rain or shine - you will find us in the outdoors, to get grounded and relaxed after a busy month of manufacturing and traveling.

Wishing you an enjoyable weekend.

Warmly ,

Annegret and The Kettle Care Organics Team