Strengthen your Immune System by Invigorating your Lymphatic System

by Penny Capps, Board Certified Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer, Bigfork, MT

Here are some insights to strengthen your Lymphatic System which in return will strengthen your Immune System. This is especially valuable during our Social Distancing/Self-Quarantine/Self-Isolation. The lymphatic system (drainage ducts, nodes, capillary-like structures, and lymphatic fluid) and the lymphoid organs (bone marrow, tonsils, spleen, thymus) comprise the immune system.

Did you know that the lymph flows through all the tissue in the body? It basically does 2 things:

  • it brings T cells (immune cells) to the area and 
  • removes irritating waste (dead cells, excess stress hormones, bacteria, etc.). 

There are 500-750 nodes in the body (face, GI tract, armpits, behind the knees). Every time the lymphatic fluid moves through a lymph node you get a 40X increase in T cells - this is huge!

Here are 3 things you can do right now to improve lymphatic system function:

  1. Move - There is no pump to move the lymphatic fluid as the heart moves blood. The fluid moves as a result of muscular contractions so move! Walk, ski, put on music and dance, rock in a rocking chair, clean the house, garden - all muscular contractions are helpful. Your lymphatic system, and therefore your immune function, can become sluggish with a sedentary lifestyle.
  2. Stay properly hydrated - Lymphatic fluid is mostly water so this is another reason to be properly hydrated. Divide your weight by 2 and drink this many ounces of water/day. Add 2 more measuring cups of water for every hour you are sweating. As the Kettle Care Team likes to say: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
  3. Soak in the tub - The pressure of water against the skin is the pressure used during a professional lymphatic drainage therapy session to increase lymph flow. 

Stronger Lymphatic System = Stronger Immune System

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