Sugar Scrub Bar Inspirations

by Annegret

We love our monthly workshops. They allow us to share our passion for pure, healthy and effective skin care, AND we get to utilize fresh botanicals straight from our garden. A walk through our garden or a wild crafting trip right before the workshop inspires our final direction for the evening. 

June is pretty much the first month in our neck of the Rockies where we start to harvest anything. Thus with this month’s Sugar Scrub Bar Workshop, the walk through the garden just yielded Peppermint, Oregano and Comfrey leaves. The latter is brilliant in an oil infusion, yet not so great in sugar scrub. The Oregano leaves did not yield much aroma, thus, the only aromatic botanical I was left with was Peppermint. My creative senses went to Peppermint and Chocolate, but it reminded be a bit of Christmas ... and it was spring after all.  

As I continued searching, noticing first signs of Chamomile and Calendula, my eyes caught sight of the tiny pansies that seed themselves all over the garden and pop up unplanned between the vegetables, strawberries and other flowers.

 I just love them and let them be where they are. To me, each of them has an individual face that is so joyful.

So, instead of mixing botanicals into the sugar scrub bar, another idea was born for this early growing season ... See yourself  what a joyful workshop evening it turned into. 

If you want to try the creation at home with your family and friends, check out our Journal theme 'DYI Sugar Scrub Bars'. It sure is an activity that is uplifting to all ages.


Annegret & the Kettle Care Organics Team