Sweet DIY Easter Treat with a Twist – Colorful Easter Sugar Scrubs

by Annegret Pfeifer

In our family we love the craft of coloring eggs together, yet by now we do not eat too many boiled eggs nor a lot of candy. So this year I thought to share with you a colorful alternative that lets you be creative and celebrate Easter with twist by using the sugar on your body instead of inside your stomach – colorful spring sugar scrubs.

They are fun to make by yourself as gifts for your friends or as group during Easter gatherings. Sugar used on the skin instead inside the body, is a delicious sweet treat, yet with zero calories. And instead of clogging up your pores and making you feel tired, it exfoliates gently your new skin to a fresh glowing level and make you feel energized and invigorated. 

Do I need to say more? Well, no fear that anyone will tip over the cup full of coloring water. Any spills and messes from the sugar scrub activity is cleaned up quickly and with ease.

What you need instead of eggs are the following items that are easily found in your pantry and natural food store next door.

  • Non-GMO Sugar
  • Vegetable Glycerin or Coconut oil – needs to be melted carefully for a few second in a waterbath or microwave
  • Organic Sunflower or Safflower or Almond or Jojoba or Avocado Oil
  • Essential oils of your choice - Citrus, Lavender, Lemongrass and Peppermint scents are our spring favorites
  • Small 4 oz mason jars or your empty facial creme jars – this is an excellent way to recycle them
  • Measuring tablespoons and teaspoons to stir the sugar scrub


  • Botanicals of your choice – chamomile, lavender, peppermint, calendula, rose pedals or the first fresh flowers that you find, like small pansies, violets, etc.
  • Lemon and Oranges if you want to create a fresh citrus infusion
  • Food color or for natural color - spirulina powder - green, tumeric powder - yellow, red beet powder or frozen fresh cranberries - red

Set up the sugar and botanicals in bowls and line up all of your ingredients a the table. Then take a small bowl and start your first sugar scrub creation by combining the following ingredients:

4 tbs of Non-GMO Sugar

2 tbs Vegetable Glycerin or melted Coconut Oil

2 tbs Org Sunflower Oil

10 drops essential oil of your choice

Mix them well and test the viscosity.  You can always add some more oil or sugar, depending on thick you like your sugar scrub.  If you use Coconut Oil, keep it mind that it will set at room temperature. 

Now starts the creative part.  

Citrus Explosion

For spring I like the invigorating scent of fresh citrus. You can achieve this by using a combination of your favorite citrus essential oils - start with 10 drops. You can also add some fresh lemon juice and/or lemon and orange zest. Latter looks fresh and lovely and can be either presented on top of the jar of sugar scrub or mixed in with the sugar scrub.

Red & Pink

Start with 2 drops of food coloring and add more for a deeper red color. A wonderful alternative is a pinch of red beet powder, yet, it was difficult for me to find a jar below $30. If you have it, give it a try. My other alternative is frozen fresh cranberries. Chop them up to release their juices and either present them on top of the sugar scrub - for the user to mix in- or mix them in the sugar scrub to create a delicious red color


Start with 4 drops of food coloring or a pinch of Spirulina.  Latter creates a dark green color and can be increased in quantity. It is a wonderful earthy color to introduce men to sugar scrub. Combined with Peppermint, Spearmint or Rosemary essential oil, this can be burly treat.


Easter is yellow to me and 4 drops of yellow food coloring will burst that shine. Yet, have you played with Turmeric yet?  Use just a small pinch, mix carefully and let the color develop for a couple of minutes.  If you use too much of it, it will leave a golden shine on your skin after the exfoliation and you will shimmer like an Egyptian Goddess.  It sounds better than a spray teint, yet it may stain your clothing.  Thus, go just with a pinch. The good thing is that you can always wash off the color with some soap.

If you have dried botanicals like rose pedals, chamomile, lavender, peppermint, you might enjoy blending 1 tbs in your sugar scrub to add texture, color and fun. Or layer the botanicals on top of the sugar scrub. This is a lovely presentation if you plan to give them as gifts.

We recommend to use the scrubs within two weeks.

Enjoy your creativity by making each jar of sugar scrub a bit different. Treat your skin and one of your family and friends well this Easter with this creative sweet treat. 

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