The Joy of Wildcrafting

by Kettle Care Organics Team

Hip-Hip, Hooray! We had a full swing with our botanical harvest season here in the Flathead Valley – and we are thrilled.

At Kettle Care Organics, we foster the unique ability to directly influence our skin care products from start to finish. This means that we control the processing that every raw material undergoes before ending up in a final product. As labor intensive as these methods may be, we feel strongly about our need to do this. It gives us the ability to provide consistent, high quality products. It allows us the peace of truly knowing that our products are made as naturally as possible. It ensures that we are supporting local, sustainable, and Organic with every batch of items we produce.

Did you know that we manufacture all of our own botanical extracts & oil infusions? By doing so, we are able to ensure that our products are made with highly saturated ingredients. To show the difference, we like to share this example of our KCO Witch Hazel extract. We start with the raw bark, and make a concentrated, rich extract full of the goodness of the plant material. It's quite the difference in terms of color, consistency, and effectiveness- as compared to conventionally sold Witch Hazel.

When it comes to selecting raw material botanicals, local is always our first choice. This allows us to support the local farming community – and where possible, to wildcraft!

In fact - our Arnica that we use in our popular Arnice rub with Comfrey and Arnica infused Sunflower Oil is 100% wildcrafted from our own Montana backyard.

Wildcrafting, or the act of foraging plants from their wild habitats, is a favorite way to ensure our products are full of high quality ingredients. This season we were all impressed by the large size and lush flower the Arnica displayed. The May and June rains sure did wonders to the beauty and health of our Montana wilderness. Despite everything else going on in the world, we found that this connection and enjoyment of nature has been very balancing and grounding for our team.

We hope that many of you find the same solace, may it be in your garden, the park of your city or like for many of us, the Montana wilderness in the back yard. The healing power of nature certainly goes beyond the art of integrating it in healthy, pure and effective skincare.

Wishing you the best of health and well-being,
Annegret and the Kettle Care Organics Team