The Song of the Birds

by Annegret Pfeifer

When I hear the sounds of singing and chirping birds I always feel my heart melt. The songs of the birds have a powerful effect on me, especially after the long and silent months of winter. I find myself opening windows to the still cold spring temperatures, just to hear their voices more clearly.

Reflecting on why bird songs are so powerful to me, I realized the other day that I always listen to them from my heart. It is this immediate switch I am able to make, no matter how much I have been working out of my head at that moment.

This insight made me more aware of my mode of operation. Managing a business where there is never enough time in the day to get it all done, I operate a lot from my head. Everything is right about that, don’t get me wrong here. I like my fast and efficient working mind that lists all the tasks, orders, production runs, ingredients, inventories…. Yet, it is the balance of including my heart that makes this work truly joyful and fulfilling. When I am able to bring my heart in and it is in harmony with my head, it is like a beautiful dance. Work does not even really feel like work and the results can beautiful on many levels.

This realization, that listening to the song and chirping of the birds immediately integrates my heart, gives me an easy smile. And coming from this place, the world sounds, looks, smells and feels more amazing at every turn. It truly puts my mind at ease. And isn’t that what makes life fresh and new and exciting and worth living?

We here at Kettle Care Organics, wish all of you a wonderful and Happy Easter. May it be a wonderful day of celebration and reflection that will enrich your life. We are incredibly thankful and happy for all of your support and all the kind interactions we have with you.

Warmly ,

Annegret and The Kettle Care Organics Team