There is Beauty in Change

by Elena Oliver-Knox

My name is Elena and I'm so excited to meet you❤! I moved to Kalispell about 3 years ago, arriving right in the middle of a brisk January snowstorm. After having resided in San Francisco for 13 years I was at one of many points in my life where I desired a change. Having arrived in Kalispell I soon experienced the kindness and beauty that exists in the Flathead Valley and the true sense of community people feel towards each-other. This all was a very foreign concept to me, growing up in a large city where neighborly actions and community support isn't very common.

I soon discovered an Esthetics program near my house and decided to begin my schooling journey once again. During the program I developed a support system with some amazing people and started truly feeling at home. And fast forward to my current position with Kettle Care, I'm able to combine my skills and knowledge of prior work experiences, along with my passion for natural skincare, all in one job.

Recently I’ve reflected on the past few years and noticed the periods where I felt the most discomfort and experienced the most change. I then realized the saying of experiencing discomfort goes hand in hand with experiencing growth is absolutely true! And as you can see, I have a couple of four legged friends that are the absolute joy of my life.

That being said, I am humbled to currently work at a place where I am challenged and motivated on a daily basis. From taking part in the production, to handling vendor accounts and interfacing with customers, to label design and new product development, I have learned so much about the true grit and everyday effort it takes to run a small business. We really do pour our heart into the products here at Kettle Care, and I think it shows. Every day I work in the presence of truly kind, extremely intelligent, very creative and just plain wonderful people. I am able to bring my knowledge of skincare to the table, and I am also faced with an abundance of skills and challenges ready to be taken on.

On top of the already great aspects of my job- we have one of the best customer bases ever! The kindness that has been bestowed upon me by literally every single person that walks through the KCO front doors has been absolutely unreal. I am so excited for the opportunities and experiences to come - and I can feel myself creeping into yet another period of settlement. I am living in one of the most beautiful areas, surrounded by some of the best people, able to take part in powerful, potent, and quality natural skincare at the best work environment I’ve ever had. For those of you I’ve already met- it’s been a pleasure, and for those of you I haven’t- I can’t wait to be part of your natural skincare journey!


Elena and the Kettle Care Organics Team