What happened this summer at Kettle Care?

by Annegret Pfeifer

Published September 1st, 2019

Labor Day traditionally marks the end of the classic American summer and it is also a good time to reflect back on the last 3 months.

Pink Poppy, blue Borage and red Hollyhocks

Yet, this Poppy was our favorite - we cheered for 

and watched over it from our office win

Here at Kettle Care Organics summer months are usually slower and this allows us to slip away to do our favorite hikes, go on wild camping trips, and get out rafting on one of the many rivers surrounding us. Yet, this summer we experienced a spike in production. Thankfully, however, we were lucky enough to hire Chance-one smart Montana student-to help us out for a few weeks. It was fun to enjoy his enthusiasm for some real-life manufacturing work. While at KCO, Chance discovered an eagerness for blasting the fire torch throughout our parking lot, channeling excitement into this alternative weed treatment method! Way to go Chance!

Chance, a camp at production!

Weed control at KCO - making Monsanto obsolete...

We also worked diligently to find three new employees to add to our team. One big reason for this was our need to anticipate the next move of our manager, Ben. For quite a while we had known that Ben wanted to go after his big dream to get a job in the software industry. For the last two years, he occupied his leisure time with software coding classes and continuing education. Then, at the beginning of the year he finally set what would be his final day at Kettle Care – August 30 th, 2019.

While it is hard to lose a great guy like him, Klaus and I cannot help but feel enthusiastic about his step. What's better than being daring enough to go all in for your dream job? And a dream job he landed with ESRI, a really nice family owned company, like Kettle Care, just a bit bigger. And get this- within one week of the start of his new employment, Ben is scheduled to get fitted for a suit! Let’s take a moment and let that sink in... For the next year, Ben will be in the Los Angeles, CA area for additional training and will then be able to live and work remotely from wherever he so chooses. This will enable him to fulfill his other dream, to live closer to his family and new niece. Thus, we are nothing but happy for him. Also, to anyone out there that gets the opportunity to work with Ben, consider yourself lucky!

A quick pause before continuing to train Kaylee 

on the 'ins & outs' of production

So Happy! Ben in his natural habitat - shipping!

We apologize to so many of you that we let Ben slip out the back door following an awesome farewell staff luncheon. Not telling customers about this major event was difficult, but out of respect for Ben's wishes to remain humble, we did as much as he would allow- food, laughs, and a few quick hugs (...not pictured). Trust me, he was already quite challenged with saying goodbye to all of us whilst being burdened with our silliness. In reflection, the only thing we felt was missed was filling his car with packing peanuts – not sure how we let this one slip. You must know, Ben’s favorite job duty was shipping. It might have been his other dream job, if he wasn't already so talented and capable at such a wide range of tasks. Ben did leave a quick note, though, for us to pass along to all of you wonderful people who have befriended, supported, and gotten to know him throughout the years:

"Dear Friends,

I'm writing to let you know that I have resigned from my position at Kettle Care Organics. It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of the KCO Team over the years and I thank you all for making it a place that I looked forward to being every single day. Thinking back with a big ol’ grin, I can’t help but feel as though I have been a part of some small force for Good here. I have a wholehearted confidence that you will enjoy getting to know the newest members of the team. You will love their energy, enthusiasm, talent and ever-growing expertise.

I wish you all the best in life and health (and Body Care!!).



*Mic drop*! What a guy.

Debbie (over 20 years with KCO) & Ben

McKenzie, Elena, Ben, Klaus, Annegret and Kaylee

So, besides a busy summer in production – thank you to all of our loyal Kettle Care Organics customers – we were focused to transition Kettle Care to the era ‘after Ben’. He had been with Kettle Care for almost 10 years and was very instrumental in helping us take the company to the next level when we bought it almost 7 years ago. Yet we are excited to see that our new employees have taken ownership of their jobs and his leaving in stride. We will introduce them to you in the next newsletters to come. We also plan to continue our workshops in October, and are looking forward to it. Also, what is this trend that they are now booked before we even have a chance to announce them? Thank you for all of your enthusiasm! Be looking forward to the announcement of our fall schedule later this month.

We wish you all a Happy Labor Day. Enjoy the last days of high summer and embrace the late summer and early fall days - those are the glorious ones with, such a different yet good quality to them. May they inspire you to think about your own dreams on your bucket list and then - dare to go for them. 

Warmly ,

Annegret and The Kettle Care Organics Team.

Let's give Ben the proper send-off...

... in the end, even Ben got the hang of it! He's officially ready for CA.