What makes a perfect holiday season?

by Annegret Pfeifer

We are in the middle of the holiday season and still have two more weeks to Christmas. Time to take a deep breath, relax with a cup of goodness, a blanket wrapped around you and reflect on what brings you joy.

In winter, I love the light of a candle in the mornings and just sit with it and my first cup of coffee and wake up gently to the world. I love the smell of Christmas cookies, the taste of hot cider and coco, the idea for the perfect gift - and then finding it. I love Christmas decorations and the abundance of lights. I so love the idea of a perfect, harmonious Christmas.

Yet, what really gives me joy is to have managed to be in the moment. Perfection is to be in the moment. Perfection is to know when to stop. The rest? I decided that there will be another season where I can decorate, bake and cook if I did not get it done this year. The point is, did I enjoy THIS season?

I think Leonard Cohen said it beautifully with

ring the bells that still

can ring

forget the perfect


there is a crack in


that's how the light

gets in

Two more weeks and plenty of time to sort Christmas out - enjoy focusing on what nourishes you the most.


Annegret & the Kettle Care Team