Whitefish Chamber of Commerce "Gone Fishin" Event

by Photography: Dillon Brist, Kettle Care Organics and Elisabeth Sheldon, FVCC Student

During the chilling winter month of February we were blessed with a glorious sunny day to host the Whitefish Chamber of Commerce "Gone Fishin" Event. Our team worked efficiently to provide a venue that would fit up to hundred people comfortably. That in itself was a no small feat for our "small business". While the team moved furniture around to set up the place to accommodate everyone, Klaus and Annegret prepared the menu. Leave it up to Klaus to successfully scale up his recipes for a large crowd...Yum!

As soon as the clock hit 5:00 in the evening people began pouring through the storefront doors. Vehicles were jam packed down the snow plowed parking lot, overflowing to our neighboring stores. Our wonderful employee, Ben, introduced every person who came through the door and offered them a chance to win some door prizes.

As you may or may not know Klaus and I were born & raised in Germany, so as to share some of our heritage we made some Authentic German hors d'oeuvre that our guests absolutely drooled over, figuratively not literally. The butternut squash fritters were a hit by themselves. Our lovely drink server made sure everyone's palate was not parched throughout the evening.

We had all hands on deck to greet, meet, capture the event and serve. 
It was such a fun time for all of us.

Foster Flower's delighted the guests when their lovely helper handed out a tray of the cutest succulents to everyone.

And then the raffle ...

Some lucky people had the chance to win. We gave away a number of gift certificates together with 3 gift baskets.

For our top prize we packed a variety of new products. Our whole Northwest Wilderness line which consists of a Shaving Creme, Mineral Bath and a Body Spray. A Glacier Hydrating Mist, Hikers Purifying Mist and a Charcoal & Tea Tree Bar Soap along with a gift certificate. We know that Montana men clean up nicely!  Congrats to Ted for winning the top basket.

Some of the lucky winners!

Thanks everyone for coming out to our place on this cold February night. It was so much fun to host this event and visit with all of you.

Annegret & Klaus and the Kettle Care Organics Team