Worker's Creme - Effective Remedy for Over-Washed Hands And Dry, Cracked Skin!

by The Kettle Care Team

With everyone practicing frequent hand-washing as of late, we're all in need of deeply hydrating products to care for our hands. Our Worker's Creme is the perfect product to mend dry, cracked and over-washed hands, while protecting skin from further damage!

Did you know that the industry standard for cremes is only 30% oils with 70% water?  Kettle Care's Worker's Creme contains a nourishing blend of 70% oils and 30% Aloe Vera Juice, which explains right there why it is so effective and nourishing. It gets the job done to hydrate and protect your dry skin.

We hand-craft this creme starting with a rich base of hydrating organic Sunflower & Safflower oils. Then we add high ratios of Clove and Carrot Seed oils to deeply condition. A generous ratio of Lanolin softens and protects rough skin - leaving it looking and feeling smooth, firm and generally healthy! Finally Clove Oil, this ingredient is a must have for it's anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. So often dry skin can be susceptible to further damage from pesky germs and infection. Potent Clove oil effectively aids in protecting your skin from these issues. With all of these powerful natural ingredients, it's no wonder that our Worker's Creme provides needed, soothing relief from irritation & dehydration. 

For optimal results, we recommend massaging into hands, feet, and wherever else needed - paying particular attention to dry areas . Then let this Creme absorb and work it's magic for 5-10 minutes, you can even leave on a thick layer overnight for more serious repair!

Give your body the best care possible with highly effective, hand-crafted natural body-care!

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