Lip Shimmer Duo


An excellent pair of lip shimmers that make an excellent gift for anyone looking to add elegance to their look while also nourishing their lips.

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This pair of lip shimmers brings beauty and sophistication without being overstated. These thoughtful formulations use natural minerals and oxides for coloring which are healthy to your body. Handcrafted essential oils deliver deep hydration and Montana Beeswax protects from and fend off dryness.

Skin Type: For all skin types.

For: Everyone

This Gift Kit Contains:

  • Crimson Lip Shimmer
    With natural minerals and oxides to provide the color, handcrafted essential oils to deliver deep hydration and Montana Beeswax to protect and fend off dryness, you’ll look your best while your lips are prepared for nature’s worst.

  • Pearl Lip Shimmer
    The luminous pearlescent shimmer is fortified with nourishing and concentrated essential oils for deep hydration, and Montana Beeswax for long-lasting protection against dryness and the elements.