Soothe & Balance Gift Set Trio - For Your Daily Face Spa


This trio makes for a wonderful gift to Soothe and Balance skin of any type. Treat yourself and those you care about with the calming balance brought by Lavender Calendula with this trio of powerful tools to protect and nourish your skin.

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This Wonderful gift for the holidays provides an excellent set of soothing skin care. A gentle harmonizing scent combines with gentle cleansing, hydration, and moistuizing in this powerful trio.

Full-bodied extracts of skin pacifying ingredients like Calendula and Yarrow combined with pure, oil-balancing French Lavender and soothing Ylang Ylang oils to harmonize imbalanced skin. Antioxidants of Goji Berry and Gotu Kola strengthen and protect to optimize skin’s resilience. 

This wonderful gift kit contains: