Which Hand Creme is right for me?

Posted by Kettle Care Team on Apr 17th 2023

Which Hand Creme is right for me?

Spring is in the air here in Montana! This week, we had the first warm sunshine of the season. With the birds singing us awake and the last remnants of snow disappearing from the valley, we’ve been hard at work in our yards, preparing our gardens for spring. And our hands are already paying the price.

Enter Kettle Care. Our products are designed to solve problems just like this one—to keep our skin soft and healthy, so we can work and create freely. This week, we’re talking about two of our best-sellers, perfect for soothing your overworked skin: Worker’s Crème and Firefighter’s Hand + Body Crème.

So which Kettle Care crème is right for your hands? Hand crèmes aren’t one-size-fits-all. We all have different lifestyles, and that means our skin has different needs. That’s why we offer two powerful, replenishing hand crèmes. Explore your options and discover the right choice for you.

Worker’s Crème

If you work your fingers to the bone, have splits and cracked cuticles this product is for you. This crème can soothe even the roughest, most stressed-out, skin and sandpaper feeling like fingertips. Lanolin—a natural byproduct of sheep’s wool—heals splits and cracks in your skin, while clove acts as a natural pain reliever. (And don’t worry! This product is completely cruelty-free. Sheep need to be sheared regularly to stay healthy, and we make the most of their sheered wool!)

Firefighter’s Hand + Body Crème

This incredibly powerful moisturizing hand and body crème is designed for the driest hands. This is the perfect solution for anyone whose skin needs extra moisture—especially people who work in extreme conditions or simply wash their hands constantly. We also love to use it when we go outdoors, camping, rafting, boating, enjoying activities that dry out our hands and feet so quickly.