About Us


We are a small family owned and operated manufacturing facility and showroom 

nestled in Northwest Montana, home to majestic Glacier National Park.

With our wonderful team, our mission is to create body care as naturally as possible.


We make skin care with nature as our mirror.

Our products contain a wealth of botanicals, and they mimic the abundance of nature.

We make all of our own pure and potent botanical extracts and use high ratios

of essential oils to make truly effective products.

Their rich concentration of oils and butters hydrate and protect dry skin throughout

the day and lavishly at night. A little of this luxury goes a long way.


Excellence is important to us.

We pour ourselves into our formulations, our craft and our community-focused business.

We simply love what we do, and love to share it with you

when you call or walk through our door.

We go through great efforts to community source many of our ingredients.

This has built lasting relationships that we deeply treasure. It also provides a trusted source

of ingredients and transparent integrity that goes beyond the label and certifications.


At our core, we strive to deliver products

that convey the spirit of Montana; The spirit of

adventure, freedom and the healing power of nature.