Our Story


You’re here because you want a natural solution to skin care.

You deal with the elements, and are mindful about rejuvenation.

You want to be able to pronounce the ingredients in your products.

You care about the planet.


So do we.


People have trusted Kettle Care with their skin and hair for over 38 years.

We handcraft natural, therapeutic body care products in micro batches

at our little HQ in the Montana Rockies,

not far from the south entrance of Glacier National Park.


We’re a family business, headed by Annegret and Klaus Pfeifer, and supported

by a small team of dedicated employees. Klaus is a chemist and physicist

with over 30 years of experience in lean manufacturing, R&D and ISO certifications.

Annegret is the face of the company for our customers.

With a strong background in finance  she serves as operations manager,

and as the head of sales and marketing. 


Our philosophy begins at home — Annegret suffered for years from a

chemical sensitivity to the ingredients in conventional skin care products before finding

the soothing, enriching power of pure and natural skin care.  Since her 

early twenties she has experience in formulating her own healthy cremes and lotions,

a knowledge she now passionately utilizes on a larger scale at Kettle Care.


We understand that skin responds best to concentrated, pure ingredients, and we

always keep in mind that 60% of what you put on your skin ends up in your bloodstream.


Our ingredients are sourced with intention and care.

We work with Montana apiaries for our beeswax emulsifiers,

and with farmers and suppliers across the country for our botanicals and oils.


When you use a Kettle Care product, you can trust that the same

people have been part of the process every step of the way,

from farm to formula to you.