What Makes Us Different?

We use natural ingredients instead of chemicals.

We use real botanicals and natural oils. Ingredients like the vegetable emulsifying waxes most brands use are heavily processed and chemical-laden. The pure Montana beeswax and organic shea butter we formulate with cuts down on the need for preservatives, chemicals and extra water, which allows for self-preservation of the product. 

Less water = better hydration.

Sounds backwards, doesn’t it? Commercial products are made up of 70–90% water (Why? Water is cheap). The more water in the product, the more evaporation on your skin — and that means drier skin. By using beeswax, shea butter and aloe vera, our water content is only 35–45%. That means less evaporation, fewer preservatives and more concentration.

Aloe Vera Hydrates as it Soothes.

The Aloe Vera juice in our formulations not only counteracts the evaporation that water-heavy mass-produced skincare products are prone to, it has the opposite effect, providing long-lasting hydration while also soothing. And it doesn’t lose its potency when mixed with other ingredients.

High concentration means potency and lasting power.

Kettle Care products are concentrated and packed with powerful essential oils and herbal extracts. A little goes a long, long way.

We make our own extracts and infusions.

That way we know everything that goes into our formulations, which ensures the highest quality and purity.

We’re vertically integrated — we do everything in-house.

As Klaus says, “Plant material in, labeled and packaged products out.”

Our micro-batches are made one gallon at a time, not 50.

Not only does this give us a more hands-on quality control process, it also lets us pair our production schedule with raw material harvest times, meaning that we work with our farmers and the seasons to make the right things at the right time.

We support and sell to small natural food stores, co-ops and other small businesses.

We stay small on purpose, to preserve the quality of our product, the quality of life for our employees and to ensure everyone gets the same price. You’ll always find us in natural food stores, co-ops, in our own brick-and-mortar shop and here.

We care about sustainability.

We recycle our buckets, barrels and pallets, and we use recycled packaging material from local natural food stores to ship our products. That saves hundreds of boxes of packaging material a year from the landfill. Our building conserves heating and cooling, saving a lot of energy — especially in our rugged Montana winters. We keep a close eye on our supply chain and practices, and we’re always looking for new ways to improve sustainability and decrease our footprint.

What Makes Us Different?