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A Halloween Story

Posted by Kettle Care Team on Oct 28th 2022

A Halloween Story

For Kettle Care® employee Tina and her children, scary is a family tradition.

Tina grew up in and around New Orleans. Her childhood was filled with stories about ghosts, voodoo, and things that go bump in the night.

Her father loved Stephen King stories — tales of evil clowns and psychic children — and shared his passion for horror with Tina. But it was Tina’s grandmother who first introduced her to the world of horror with a true classic: A Nightmare on Elm Street. From that very moment, Tina was hooked.

As an adult, she still loves all things spooky. When you’ve been introduced to Freddy Krueger as a young child, horror just doesn’t feel as scary anymore. Tina says her family always made her feel safe, making sure she understood the things she saw in horror stories couldn’t follow her into her real life.

Today, Tina’s children — Abby and Dexter — share their mother’s passion for the spooky side of life. And never is this more obvious than on Halloween.

In the past, Abby and Dexter have dressed as Star Wars characters, Power Rangers, Rapunzel, the Grim Reaper, and even a Killer Rubik’s Cube? :-) Last year, they dressed as characters from Gravity Falls.

When their local Spirit Halloween store popped up this year, Abby and Dexter were thrilled. They passed it every day, waiting with bated breath for them to open the doors to customers. When the doors finally opened, Tina and her family were among the first in the store.

For both Tina and her kids, Halloween is a symbol of creativity, an opportunity to express yourself freely. On Halloween, anything goes.

Both Tina and her daughter Abby are gifted artists. Tina creates sculptures from spray paint and distorted vinyl records, and Abby draws scenes inspired by the horror video game franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Abby has recently discovered a passion for special effects makeup — just one more way Tina’s love for Halloween lives on in her daughter.