Botanicals: From Whole Plant to Healthy Product

Posted by Annegret & the Kettle Care Team on Sep 15th 2022

Botanicals: From Whole Plant to Healthy Product

Kettle Care® products are — and always have been — inspired by the power of botanicals. Botanicals have a fancy name, but they’re really quite simple. They’re ingredients obtained from plants. While other skin and hair care companies use processed components of botanicals, we at Kettle Care use the whole raw botanical.

This is skincare as nature intended.

At Kettle Care, we think Mother Nature knows a thing or two about keeping our hair and skin strong and healthy. Plants deliver the perfect combination of elements for our bodies. Why mess with perfection? Our products contain homemade botanical extracts, essential oils, and oil saturations — all natural, soothing extracts from whole plants.

You don’t need a dictionary to understand the ingredients on your Kettle Care label. You’ll recognize natural botanicals like organic Sunflower Oil, French Lavender essential oil, and organic Witch Hazel.

Formulating our products is a labor of love. It takes us two days to get the best possible emulsification for a new product. And we still infuse, press, and filter each of our extracts and oil saturations by hand. You won’t find this kind of commitment at other companies.

Each new product we develop is a love letter to our customers. We work hard to make our products as natural as possible. And we keep doing it, year after year, because we know our hard work pays off. We see it in the faces of our returning customers, eager to replenish their beloved products or try something new, as they know that our products simply get outstanding results.

Because at Kettle Care® Botanicals, we believe in our ingredients from whole plant to product.

Arnica Drying on a rack

The finished product!