Liquid Gold: The Regenerative Power of our Vitamin E Serum

Posted by The Kettle Care Team on May 9th 2024

Liquid Gold: The Regenerative Power of our Vitamin E Serum

Recently our owner Annegret had the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to Namibia with her two children to visit her brother and experience Africa for the first time. When picking out what items to take with her to the African desert there was one that was an absolute must-have. Annegret had this item in her bag wherever she went and called it her "liquid gold to beat the relentless Namibian sun".

Our Restorative Vitamin E Serum is a favorite here at Kettle Care, and for good reason! This deeply restorative formula provides intense nourishment and lavish hydration while leaving the skin with a more smooth and youthful appearance.

After hours and days in the hot sun and dry climate, Annegret would use this product to help revitalize and restore her stressed skin. 'A true savior for the skin', to use her words. So today, we will let you know a little bit about why this serum is so great (and why you should try it too)!

Let us take a look at some of the key ingredients in our Vitamin E Serum, and talk about what they do for your skin.

Vitamin E 

Calms irritation 

Reduces swelling 

Prevents scarring 

Locks in moisture



Evens out skin tone and texture

Encourages new skin growth

Improves appearance and smoothness 

Rose Absolute 

Reduces redness

Minimizes the look of wrinkles

Amazing astringent known for centuries

Just these three key ingredients make this emollient serum a rare breed. With a rich base of pure Vitamin E, it is one of the most concentrated on the market. Soothing and rejuvenating for sunburns, wind damage, cold-exposed skin, scars and hydrating as a super intense moisture boost after exfoliation.

We recommend just a few pumps, spread across clean skin. Use in the AM to give your skin an instant dewy finish, or in the PM as a luxurious evening treatment to replenish a restore moisture.

Most of you will only need to use it 2-3 times a week, but this depends on factors such as environment, stress level and overall dryness.

Whether you are heading to the desert or just working in your garden this summer this will be your go-to product.