Saying Goodbye to an Inspiration: Aubrey Organics

Posted by KCO Team on Mar 2nd 2022

Saying Goodbye to an Inspiration: Aubrey Organics

The Kettle Care family was saddened recently to learn that Aubrey Organics has closed their doors. Why? Because they literally wrote the book on Organic Skin Care. The book that gave us the building blocks to create what Kettle Care Organics is today.

When our founder Lynn was formulating Kettle Care recipes, she turned to the book "Natural Organic Hair and Skin Care", written by Aubrey Hampton as her guide.  Published in 1987, healthy, natural skin care was definitely not the trend of the time. 

"Founder Aubrey Hampton grew up in a world of natural, plant-based ingredients. His father was an organic farmer and his mother, an herbalist, made her own beauty products at home." "In 1967, with a PhD in biochemistry, Hampton began making the rounds of New York City health food stores and salons with two herbal products formulated in his own kitchen. He went on to create over 200 natural-ingredient hair and skin care formulas." With his extensive knowledge, he turned these products into Aubrey Organics. 

For over 20 years Kettle Care's founder followed closely Aubrey's formulation philosophy and research on effective ingredients. 

We still use the principles of his formulating philosophy today. Due to his research we believe so strongly in powerful  ingredients such as Rosehip Seed Oil and Evening Primrose. 

If you're interested in learning more, pick up a copy of this fantastic book. We always say, KNOW YOUR INGREDIENTS! This was how we chose ours.

Aubrey Hair and Skin Care