Thoughts About Father's Day

Posted by Annegret & the Kettle Care Team on Jun 20th 2024

Thoughts About Father's Day

The beginning of summer it is a good time to think about how to celebrate and appreciate the fathers in our life. Just like mothers, they are a big influence. In our society, they are often the ones that don’t express their love and feelings as freely as women, and show it more by being a pillar of strength, a straightforward problem solver, the more unemotional one... Not an easy task either. And even though they act like they are OK, they too want to feel deeply loved and appreciated.

Father’s Day is not just about how they make us feel and how we appreciate what they have done for us; it is an invitation to think about how our fathers feel deeply loved and appreciated by us. It is different for everyone, that is for sure.

Today, I invite you to contemplate how the father in your life feels loved and appreciated. Is it a phone call, a thank you, a hug, a card, spending time with him, having that conversation you keep avoiding, an invitation, some time to himself, a small gift or maybe that cool car he always dreamed of? LOL. Why not ask him if you are not sure? Maybe he never really thought about this himself?

With that we wish you all a good preparation for father’s day. The anticipation of such an awesome holiday is always exciting.

Here in Montana we love the outdoors, especially after a long winter and fairly cold spring. When it comes to a gift, our body and grooming care for men is always a fabulous gift idea to show your appreciation to your father. It sure beats socks, ties and golf balls. Check it out and see what you might need for him.