Get Outside!

Posted by Kettle Care Team on Jun 10th 2022

Get Outside!

In this digital age, we find ourselves increasingly attached to our devices while still regaining our balance from pandemic isolation. We believe It’s more important than ever to get outside and get ourselves grounded.

There’s a significant link between spending time in nature and our mental health. In addition to serving as a calming way to spend time alone or with family and friends, time spent outdoors has been found to lower stress levels, improve cognitive function, and even help us pay better attention! In fact, studies show that simply viewing scenes of nature can lower our stress levels.

Of course, you already know we’re outdoor enthusiasts at Kettle Care. We get as excited about the restorative power of nature as we do about skin care. In fact, where the two intersect is where we are the most passionate. We’re always asking how we can create products that keep our skin healthy and that keep our bodies safe while enjoying the outdoors, and how our products can work not to harm our environment.

In our opinion, every season is the perfect season to get outdoors. But summer brings so much opportunity — Memorial Day, Father’s Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day, not to mention the kids’ summer vacation. It’s the ideal time to get out, sweat off a bit of that workaday stress, and spend time with the people you love, or to spend some time in solitude.

Here is one of the places we love going to reconnect with nature. Tina and her family have a love for the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas in Arlee. This is a Northwestern Montana Must! Spread across 10 acres of land on the Flathead Indian Reservation, this is a place of peace, meant to reconnect you to both the spiritual of natural world.

Joel loves floating the local rivers. Both the Swan River and Flathead rivers offer wonderful floats that can be planned to take either a couple of hours or an entire day. Just make sure you talk to some knowledgeable locals to make sure the water levels are good. Joel also enjoys hiking through the local wilds. The hike to the summit of Mount Aeneas near the Picnic Lakes is a particular favorite.

Let us know your favorite outdoor adventures! Where do you go, and how does it make you feel? If you’re looking for ideas, a great place to start is the national and state parks in your area. Check out the National Park Service for suggestions.

Summer also brings insects, which are of the utmost importance for the health of our planet, but not always so fun or healthy for us as humans. On top of that, most of the insect repellants and sprays on the shelves today are very unhealthy for both us and our environment. Many bug sprays are highly toxic and they can be absorbed through the skin into your system. That’s why our Outdoor Armor is made with Citronella, Neem and Lemon Eucalyptus — all of which are excellent natural insect repellents that also happen to smell pretty fantastic.

Whether you love activities like kayaking, hiking, or biking, or you simply enjoy lounging in the great outdoors with your favorite drink and a summer read...get outside. Your mind and body will thank you for it.