Cure the Winter Blues with Arnica & Comfrey

Posted by Annegret and the Kettle Care Team on Mar 6th 2024

Cure the Winter Blues with Arnica & Comfrey

Up here in Montana the weather has been pretty unpredictable recently. It seems like it can't make up its mind if it is supposed to be winter or trying to be spring. So we thought we would talk about one of our tried and true products for this kind on environment.

Is your body feeling the winter blues? The cold and gray weather can be harsh on your skin and your muscles, causing aches and pains that keep you from enjoying your day. Lucky for you, our Kettle Care products are designed to make life easier—even during the harshest days of winter.

And do we have the right product for you. There is no better example of that right now than our Arnica & Comfrey Rub. We love it here and each of us has a jar or tin handy at all times - no kidding. It is highly concentrated, ultra-powerful, and a true jack of all trades. 

You can apply it to overworked muscles to keep them from tightening up. 

Apply it to your neck to ward off a sore throat. 

Apply it to your stomach to ease nausea and aches. 

Apply it to the first sign of a zit and wake up to blemish-free skin.

If your feet are tired in those heavy winter boots, this is the perfect addition to your nighttime routine. 

Apply our Arnica & Comfrey Rub to your arches and heels, and feel the pain disappear.

This product works like a charm because it’s loaded with powerhouse ingredients like Arnica, Comfrey, Lemonbalm, Calendula, and Chamomile.

We add not ounces but pounds of essential oils per gallon of oil to create this best-seller. It’s no wonder our formula stands out against all the competitors.

All of us here at Kettle Care pride ourselves on pouring our efforts and monies into our products, instead of marketing, ensuring our customers get the ultra-potent, high-quality, highly-effective skincare formulations they deserve. 

That’s why we do this, and it’s why our customers return to reorder their favorites, month after month and year after year. We are so grateful for this!

Try the magic of Arnica for yourself.  We can’t wait to hear what you think.