High Value Formulas: The History of our Ultra-Rich Lavender Body Lotion

Posted by Kettle Care Team on Mar 20th 2024

High Value Formulas: The History of our Ultra-Rich Lavender Body Lotion

With Kettle Care® products, a little really does go a long way. And there is no better example than our best-selling Lavender Lotion.

Standard body lotions today are made with up to 90% water and only about 10% oils and butters. Yes, you read that right. The ingredients you are looking and paying for only make up about 10% of the product you receive.

At Kettle Care®, we hand-craft our lotions with 45% hydrating Aloe Vera Juice and 55% moisturizing oils and butters. That is 100% goodness in a bottle.

Your skin can and will tell the difference

—and so can your wallet.

Standard lotions absorb quickly, but they also evaporate off your skin quickly. No matter how much product you apply, your skin won’t get the moisture it craves. You’ll end up repurchasing the lotion more often and paying far too much money for far too little moisture.

When you apply Kettle Care® body lotion to your freshly-washed skin, it seals in moisture and deeply hydrates, leaving your skin soft and smooth all day long.

Trust us—you don’t need to use a lot. Just a dollop of this lotion will keep your skin happy and healthy through even the coldest, driest weather.

Try applying a tiny drop to your hands after washing to keep your skin and cuticles moisturized. You will not believe the difference.

It is worth every penny…unlike a bottle of 90% water.