More Than Cosmetic: All About Our Brand Update

Posted by KCO Team on Jul 6th 2021

More Than Cosmetic: All About Our Brand Update

You’ve probably noticed that things look a little different here at Kettle Care. Our website and labels have changed, and some of our products even have new names.

When a brand has been around as long as we have (since 1983), there comes a time when you need a bit of a refresh.

Most people refresh their style more than once over 38 years, and that’s not just because hairstyles and clothing trends change. We update our style to keep up with our personality and what’s important to us.

How we look and sound reflects what we want to accomplish and what we value.

That’s why we decided to update the Kettle Care brand. We want a brand identity that reflects our personality and what’s important to us.

Location, Location, Location

Place is important to us. Our Montana home in the Rocky Mountains is critical to the kinds of products we create and the ingredients we use.

Whether our ingredients come from Montana beekeepers or organic farmers across the country, the land they come from and the people who cultivate them are important to us.

That’s why our new logo highlights our mountain home and why the images on our labels show beautiful landscapes and botanicals.

Everything, from the color of our containers to the fonts we use on our labels was specifically chosen to communicate the feeling of being out in nature.

It’s a feeling that we hope combines ruggedness with sophistication.

Pure Products, Natural Ingredients

Richness, concentration and purity are the pillars of our skin care philosophy.

Our updated product names spotlight the incredible ingredients that make our products so powerful. Looking for your product?  Put its name in the 'Search' box - upper left corner of web page - or look at this summary for new product names and formulation changes. 

We’re dedicated to telling the story of the process and ingredients behind what we make. Take a look at our new About page to learn more.

New Look, Same People

The look may be different, but your products are still made by our small, dedicated team, led by Annegret and Klaus.

We’re a small family-run business. We’re like you — people looking for pure, effective skin care.

We want you to know us. Keep an eye out for blogs on our favorite products and ingredients, and learn more about Annegret and Klaus here.

In short, brand update isn’t about looking new or trendy. It’s about looking more like ourselves.