What is my Skin Type?

Posted by KCO Team on Feb 18th 2022

What is my Skin Type?

Skin Type Categories:

When you determine your skin type, keep in mind that your skin’s unique needs depend on its environment. It can easily change with your location, season, and lifestyle. 

Take time to listen to what your skin is telling you, when it needs more nourishment and hydration, more protection from wind and temperatures, less stress and more sleep, etc.

Your skin gladly tells you its needs - just take time to listen to it.

What Skin Might You Have Today?

Here are some general tips to dial in to your skin’s general type, yet it can change depending on the day.

Highly reactive to many skin care products, detergents, environmental influences, burns easily in the sun

  • Oily Skin without Inflammation of Acne

If already oily by 11am – this is actually the most wonderful skin to have as it will not really age

  • Oily Skin with Inflammation of Acne

If your skin is already oily by 11am and you are prone to acne outbreaks

  • Combination Skin

If T-Zone of face is oily by 11am, yet the rest of skin is not, size of pores can be bigger

  • Normal Skin

If T-Zone and complexion is well balanced in its oil production, its pore size is normal and it does not break out easily. Its overall sebum and moisture is balanced and it does not appear too oily or too dry. Yet, our estheticians tell us that they rarely see this skin type.

  • Dry Skin

If skin is dry and feels tight and itchy before you apply a moisturizer after cleansing

Dehydrated Skin

If skin feels dry and tight and itchy during the day, even though you applied moisturizer in the morning

Stressed Skin

If skin reacts easily with redness to stress in your daily life and easily looking fatigue

  • Mature Skin

Shows the characteristic of fine lines, wrinkles, the lack of elasticity and firmness; skin appears thinner and more fragile; appearance of hyper pigmentation and age spots