Winter Hand Care Made Easy ❄️

Posted by Kettle Care Team on Feb 23rd 2024

Winter Hand Care Made Easy ❄️

Here in Montana, winter has come back with temps below freezing, blue sky and snow, which brings wp the topic of dry hands and cracked cuticles. Nothing ruins a good day like cracked skin. We have all been there: You are enjoying a brisk winter walk or staying warm inside when you notice your hands itching and aching. We use our hands as tools but treat them with less care. We run them under hot water, expose them to the sun, and leave them to freeze in the cold—all without giving it much thought. With all our hands do for us, it’s time to do something nice for them. Believe it or not, the skin on the back of your hands is ultra-thin—just like the skin on your neck and face—and it produces less sebum, leaving your hands prone to dry skin. Plus your hands are among the first places on your body to show signs of aging. Despite these facts, we don’t give the skin on our hands the same level of attention and care that we give to our face. It’s no wonder they crack and ache, especially in the winter.

Your hands deserve the best. Treat them during this cold winter weather with our five tips below.

We can’t wait to hear the difference it makes.

Five Tips to Save Your Hands

At Kettle Care, we are putting an end to cracked skin. Here are five tips to save your hands from their usual fate this winter:
#1: Choose a gentle hand soap
Choose a natural, fragrance-free soap over gimmicky, perfumy options. Over time, fragranced soaps can irritate your skin and leave them drier than ever. Choose a gentler alternative. Your hands will thank you. Oh, and don’t forget to wash with lukewarm water—never hot. No sense scalding your now-soft skin!
#2: Rely on Kettle Care
This one’s a no-brainer. Treat your hands to the best with our Worker’s Creme, Firefighter’s Creme, or Ultra Rich Lavender Lotion. Check out our blog to see which option is right for you. Don’t worry—you can’t go wrong with any of these creams. Unlike most products on the market that are up to 90% water, our cremes and lotions have less than 45%, and we use Aloe Vera Juice and Flower Hydrosols instead. Our high contents of butters and oil make them ultra-potent, and extra-hydrating. They will leave your hands feeling soft for days. A little really does go along way.



#3: Wear gloves
It’s simple, but it works. Apply a Kettle Care lotion to your freshly-washed hands, throw on a pair of gloves, and you’ll have perfectly moisturized hands by the time you make it to your destination. It’s the quickest and easiest spa treatment of all time—and the perfect cure to the winter blues.
#4: Apply sunscreen
Do it for your future self. On sunny days, apply sunscreen to your hands before you leave the house, and be sure to reapply throughout the day as you’re soaking in the rays. Your hands will stay youthful longer, and your future self will be grateful.

#5: Try a scrub
Exfoliate your hands once a week with a simple sugar scrub. Apply it over the sink, rinse it off with lukewarm water, and apply your favorite Kettle Care cream. It’s the easiest way to reset your skin for the week ahead.