DEEP DIVE: Hair Cliff-Notes

Posted by Annegret Pfeifer on Aug 16th 2023

DEEP DIVE: Hair Cliff-Notes

Haircare has been on our mind these days. Every hair washing day, every day, many working hours - because we are in the final testing stage of our new haircare products. In this process, we researched and tested a lot of ingredients, formulations, preservative systems and haircare routines. And just when you think you know most of it, there is another Aha moment - which is exactly what keeps us intrigued working at Kettle Care® Botanicals for you.

So today, with freshly washed hair, showing off my silky, smooth strands, why don't I share a few basic hair concepts - the ones that were new to us when we started to dive deeper into formulations, now more than a decade ago.


Did you know that not only are our days numbered, but also the hair cuticles on our scalp? However many you are born with, that is it. 

Hair growth can only be encouraged from these already existing hair cuticles. New ones cannot be created with any oils, chemicals or other miracle remedies! Here comes the sad fact... once a hair cuticle has died off, there is no resurrection possible. 

So no need to spend your money on miracle cures.

That left us with the desire to know how to keep our hair healthy. And yes, the focus on health is always important and in the case of haircare it encourages hair growth!


Hair follicles go through a cycle of strong growth, then the hair falls out and after a short pause it starts to grow again (That's the simple version). 
Yet, if the hair follicle is not well supported by scalp health, the growth cycle can pause a bit longer, the hair can grow thinner and more meager. It can also happen that the scalp can build over the hair follicle while it rests and prevents it from growing again, eventually killing it off.
Consequently, a happy, clean and healthy scalp is the key to healthy hair growth, as it keeps each of your hair cuticles strong and vigorous.
Did you know that your scalp is more sensitive than your skin? And most absorbent to toxins? Thus, gentle, healthy and toxin free hair products are essential for good scalp care.

Our tip - read the ingredients of your haircare products closely and decide if you trust them with the gentle and nourishing care of your scalp and hair.

The next tip, keep the blood circulation vigorous and the scalp clean. Besides healthy haircare products there is a simple way to support this - gentle scalp massages. 

By gently massaging your scalp with your fingertips, by doing small rotating motions, debris on top of hair follicles gets removed and the blood flow to it increases, keeping it healthy and strong in its growth pattern. 

This is especially important when you go through a phase of hair loss to keep your hair follicles from dying off. Instead, you keep the scalp invigorated and clean to keep the resting hair follicle alive till it is ready to regrow.

Last, but not least, keep in mind that these resting hair follicles are the only ones you can encourage to re-grow. 


These are the cliff notes for today! And with that, I encourage you to take a small break and give yourself a gentle head massage. Effective and so simple - just as life should be.

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